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Upcoming Workshops in Canterbury

Upcoming IITP Workshops

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Other workshops available on-demand

These courses are available publicly or in-house as and when there is demand. Please let us know if you're interested

Winning IT Tenders

In today's competitive business world, many potential projects and services are put out to tender. In the IT space, both local and central Government tender most projects meaning numerous IT companies are provided with the opportunity to bid for the work.

Winning IT Tenders introduces all the elements that are needed to win a high value bid in a technical environment.

Using Google Analytics to Increase Website Traffic and Conversions

This half-day workshop will show you step-by-step how to set up Google Analytics and what key metrics to track in order to measure the success and improve the performance of your web site.

Included will be real-life case studies, practical examples and sample reports that you can immediately adapt to suit your own requirements.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

This full-day workshop, led by one of the SEO industry's most prominent trainers, will show you step-by-step how to optimise your or your clients' web sites to get noticed by Google and other engines.

Whether you're an IT manager, coder, website coordinator or business owner, getting well placed for your key terms on search engines is hugely valuable and important.

Effective Communication for IT Customer Service

How do you provide effective technical service and support to internal and external customers?

This half-day course is designed for IT Professionals who recognise the need to communicate effectively by telephone while under pressure to solve problems and enhance customer relationships. The course also provides survival strategies for customer support people when dealing with difficult calls.

Managing Risk in IT Projects

Risk is all around us and nowhere more so than in a project where a unique endeavour is being undertaken. Identifying and managing risk is critical to project success.

This course gives participants practical skills in risk management for projects. It teaches techniques for risk identification and assessment and then goes on to explore the various options for risk response and mitigation.

Business Communication for Professionals

How do you achieve effective communication between the IT 'department' and other parts of the business?

Having the right level of communication between people in an organisation is a critical factor in the success of any business. This half-day course is designed for IT Professionals who recognise the need for improved communication to other parts of the business.

People Management Made Easy

Many technical professionals find people management perplexing and time-consuming. They need quick ways to establish a staff-driven, high-performance workplace where people show initiative, make the appropriate calls and don't need caretaking.

Learn how to change the way people think, feel and act. Participants leave with immediate changes in their approach that will create a different response from staff, reducing stress and improving results.

Understanding IT Governance

IT Governance is focused on the leadership, structures and processes that ensure that an organisation's information technology sustains and extends the overall organisation's strategies and objectives.

This workshop explores and explains IT Governance in depth and covers the building blocks to enable effective IT Governance in your organisation.

People skills for IT Professionals

Are you frustrated with the discussions in your team? Are you sick of the loudest or most senior person always winning? Or are you wondering why certain people never speak up?

This workshop presents a simple approach to communication which anyone can learn, which is backed by significant research from multiple different groups, and has been well road-tested.

Security Governance and Risk Fundamentals

Managing security correctly goes well beyond the technical; understanding the governance of information security is essential to managing information and security risks.

This full-day course focuses on the fundamentals of information security governance, risk and compliance concerns.

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